Naveen Patnaik Hon'ble Chief minister , Odisha

Naveen Patnaik

PHDMA vision and mission is broad and includes all that needs to be done for the M&E and Documentation of any activity intended towards improving the development  indicators and poverty eradication

The following proposed activities have been approved to provide an enabling structure and congenial support system for PHDMA to move closer to intended deliverables.

a.   Establishment of Communication and Training Center- Sanchaar–Prasaar for the purpose of documenting the impact and outcomes of scheme based initiatives on poverty, human development indicators.

b.   Knowledge management for development of professional knowledge & experience through collaboration with different Academic and Research Organizations so that the usable knowledge would be made available to all stakeholders.

c.    Creating a platform named as “ODeV-F” (Odisha Development Fellow) for the students, scholars, faculty, registered research scholars who will dedicatedly work towards contributing impact assessment studies of Poverty reduction measures, Initiatives for Livelihood Transformation and Economic Empowerment.

d.   Selecting Panchayat level functionaries, extension officers and volunteers as the “Voice of PHDMA” for building a repository of stories, best practices and testimonies on the impact of Development programmes / schemes through templates for further compilation.

e.   Focusing the march from Poverty to Prosperity (P2P) through dissemination of series of best practices and publishing compilation namely UDYAMA-SAKAR (earlier newsletters).